We are a group of local business owners, non-profit leaders, creatives, artists and community development experts who feel the Payne Area commercial district and its adjacent neighborhoods have significant untapped potential to restore economic vitality for its businesses and their work force and promote quality of life for its residents. We decided to launch the Payne Area ReBOOT as a bottom-up grass-roots initiative to go after these opportunities. Our initiative is currently co-sponsored by the Payne Arcade Business Association (PABA) and the East Side Neighborhood Development Company (ESNDC). At this juncture, we are mostly operating as volunteers. We are thankful for a first small grant, from the East Side Funders Group (ESFG), in support of an initial set of community engagement activities. We are in process of applying for other grants, and are working to expand our network of partners, collaborators, and funders. We are welcoming interested parties who share our vision and passion to reach out to us.

The East Side Neighborhood Development Company (ESNDC) is a locally governed community development corporation focused on engaging our neighborhood to create affordable, safe housing and spur commercial development with East Side Pride.

The Payne Arcade Business Association (PABA) facilitates professional connections, collaborations and joint marketing amongst its member businesses along Payne and Arcade Avenues; provides opportunities for mutual support and continuing learning; and creates opportunities for its members to engage in civic activities.