At this point in time, we are still in the first stage of our journey, the Opportunity Assessment phase. We have significant work left to do to connect in deeper and more meaningful ways to all the constituents of our highly diverse community; to better define what the most important and unifying needs, wishes and concerns are amongst all the community voices; and to pull diverse groups together in creative sessions to come up with some strong ideas the community can and wants to stand behind. We are also still in process of wrapping up our market assessment, looking to better understand the preferences and shopping behaviors of neighborhood residents; establish a short list of business opportunities that have thee highest market potential; and complete a competitive analysis, versus other options that shopper and visitors have. We are looking to wrap up all this work, and transition to a Strategy Development phase, by the end of the summer.

That all said, we have identified some overarching strategic focus areas already, and are starting to develop selected project and grant proposals in each of these. See: Priorities.

In particular, we are planning to roll out some visible and impactful changes to the Avenue later this spring and during the summer. For example, we are launching an ‘Adopt-A-Block’ initiative to improve the appearance of our sidewalks and alleys. We are planning some exciting store front installations. A few businesses are working on ‘parklets’ to be set up in front of their shops. And there will be new art and entertainment events forthcoming.