We believe that focus, and judicious use of our limited resources, will be key to our near-term success. For that reason, we decided, in the early go, that our ReBOOT initiative should concentrate on Payne Avenue and its adjacent neighborhoods, between East 7th Street and Maryland. We believe it is best if we make a tangible difference in a small, focused area first; develop and demonstrate a sustainable and repeatable “recipe for success” there; and then work with others to expand and replicate beyond.

We understand that needs and opportunities abound well beyond the Payne Area. We agree that there are many great businesses and opportunities on Arcade as well, and we want to include them in our efforts as soon as we can. And we concur that the East Side as a whole has significant potential – and many important and worthwhile developments completed, underway or in a planning stage already. Through our ReBOOT initiative targeted on the Payne Area, we are eager to make our contribution elevating the East Side of St. Paul.

At this juncture, we simply don’t have the capacity to give justice to an expanded geographic scope.