We are leveraging the time-tested yet flexible framework and roadmap of the UrbanMain approach to bring discipline and structure to our Payne Area ReBOOT initiative. This method has been established by the National Main Street Center (NMSC), to guide and facilitate community-driven economic development in urban settings, especially older, under-resourced commercial districts and historic neighborhood centers. The central focus is on restoring a sustainable economic base from which to advance vitality, prosperity and quality of life for the residents in a neighborhood at large. The framework addresses ways to mitigating uneven growth and prosperity, prone to arise as demographic shifts push population and economic growth back into urban districts.

The UrbanMain approach shapes our Payne Area ReBOOT initiative in three essential ways:

  1. It forces us to follow a systematic journey of learning, planning and execution that starts out with establishing a solid understanding of our local and regional market realities as well as the needs and concerns of our community; progresses to articulating a small set of concrete yet transformative strategies that will truly impact our commercial district’s economy; and culminates in developing entrepreneurs, partnerships and funding sources to secure successful implementation and execution of our top strategies.
  2. It pushes us to make sure our strategies and resulting implementation projects are informed by sustained and inclusive community engagement that captures the diverse views, needs, ideas and concerns of all who live, work and shop in the district.
  3. It demands that we objectively consider, assess and validate the important underlying factors that drive the success of our transformation strategies and development initiatives.