Our aim is to lift up our community. Our intent – and primary focus – is to elevate the economic vitality of the business district in the Payne Area, and the prosperity of workers and residents in the neighborhood. We are keen to enable and nurture the growth and success of minority-owned businesses; promote collaborative entrepreneurship and supportive ecosystems to ensure sustainable business success; create new jobs for neighborhood residents, paying fair wages; ensure our commercial district reflects and serves the needs and financial means of our diverse neighborhood; attract and foster a growing number of work-based learning opportunities for local youth; and add to the quality of life in the neighborhood through vibrant, community centered arts & performance venues and outdoor spaces. Our goal is to benefit all who live, work, shop, and own businesses in the district.

We are committed to development without displacement, and to honoring the rich multicultural heritage of our diverse neighborhood and community. We acknowledge that thriving, sustainable communities are built on a good number of essential foundations, including educational achievement, fair employment opportunities, equitable access to entrepreneurship, and economic self-sufficiency among all their residents. We recognize that targeting all these is beyond the scope and reach of a single initiative like ours. However, we believe that increasing economic vitality, pursued and implemented in an equitable and inclusive way, is an essential cornerstone towards raising opportunity, prosperity, and quality of life for all.